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The 2013-14 IRW Learning Community -- Decolonizing Gender/Gendering Decolonization

The IRW Learning Community is a twice-yearly, credit-granting learning community. IRW Learning Community Scholars build community through weekly meetings, discussion of readings and attendance at IRW Distinguished Lectures. Additionally, Learning Community Scholars work with IRW faculty and graduate students to create theme-related research projects. The IRW Learning Community revolves around an annual theme that is also shared by our interdisciplinary seminar and Distinguished Lecture Series. In 2013-14 our annual theme is "Decolonizing Gender/Gendering Decolonization." The 2013-14 IRW Learning Community will explore three questions: What is the relationship between colonialism and gender? What is the role of gender in postcolonial ideals and practice? And what would it mean to decolonize gender and sexuality? We invite applications from sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Students will develop their own projects, which may focus on any time period(s) or geographical location(s) and be rooted in any disciplinary or interdisciplinary approach(es). Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Decolonial feminisms/indigenous feminisms;
  • Language, colonialism and gender;
  • Sexuality, decolonization and health;
  • Gender, race, and contemporary biopolitics;
  • Feminism, global labor issues, decolonizing economy.

The 2014-15 IRW Learning Community -- Feminist Optics: Gender and Visual Studies

The 2014-15 Learning Community will explore the past, present and futures of visual studies and feminist theory’s impact on the field’s development. How has feminist scholarship challenged practices of looking? From interpretations of the female nude in art history to studies of fashion sign systems, pornography and digital culture, feminist scholarship has opened up new avenues of engaging the visual world and has been foundational to the field of visual studies. Possible topics include:

  • Feminist art
  • Film, video or photography studies
  • Participatory art, activism and pedagogy
  • Gaming
  • Pornography


  • Earn 1.5 course credits;
  • Attend IRW Distinguished Lectures, class field trip, and watch films;
  • Create intellectual community with peers and network with scholars, activists, artists and professionals;
  • Acquire presentation skills;
  • Develop a research project;
  • Meet only once per week, Thursdays from 4:30 - 6:00 p.m.;
  • Food and fun in an intimate seminar setting!

**Apply online to join the Fall 2014 Learning Community.**

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The IRW Learning Community is supported by the Division of Student Affairs, Office of Residence Life.


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