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Institute for Research on Women


The Archival is Political


Amazons, 2023; Archival Pigment Print, 40 x 71 inches; © Kim Hoeckele. Courtesy of the artist.
Amazons, 2023
Archival Pigment Print, 40 x 71 inches
© Kim Hoeckele. Courtesy of the artist.
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Alexandra Southgate Introduction

Victoria Bailey The Archive in my Mother’s Kitchen & Other Poems

Janée Moses Can the Archive Speak?: A Case for Archival Oral History and African American Blues Tradition

Cinnamon Williams Laboring to Tell: At the Limits of Oral History

Kim Hoeckele Amazons, Dream of Venus (after Dalí), and Drawing Back the Golden Fleece

Christina Maraboutaki From Hashtag Activism to Digital Archiving: Preserving the MeToo Cultural Heritage

Christoffer Koch Andersen Encoding Trans Archival Memory: Critical Reflections on Archiving Digital Trans Resistance

Christine Stoddard Working Women: Unseen Labor in the Library of Congress

Georgia Taygeti Katakou Sweeping through the Archive: Skoupa and the Pursuit of Greek Women’s History

Lisa Lampert-Weissig Encounters in the Early Archive

Apala Kundu Re-possessing Her-story: A Reflection on “Queer” Archiving

Vero Carchedi On Body-Archives: Sexual Violence beyond the Paradigm of Evidence

Joshua G. Adair Ourchives

Farrah Cato The Basket as Archive: A Crafty Turn in Feminist Archival Practice

Linda Bond Choice, Mourning, and Stop


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