Reinventing Gender

Chandra Talpade Mohanty
Women's Studies, Hamilton College


Rey Chow
English and Comparative Literature, UC Irvine


Carroll Smith-Rosenberg
History, University Pennsylvania


Alice Kessler-Harris
History, Rutgers


Deborah Gray White
History, Rutgers


Evelynn M. Hammonds
History of Science, MIT

 Feminism Questions Modernity

September 28, 1995
"Bessie, Josephine, and Fredi: Representations of Black Women in Early Sound Film" 
Michele Wallace
English, CUNY

October 18, 1995
"The End of Sexual Difference?"
Judith Butler
Rhetoric, UC-Berkeley

November 30, 1995
"Beyond Gynocriticism and Gynesis: The New Geography of Identity and the Future of Feminist Criticism"
Susan Stanford Friedman
English, University of Wisconsin, Madison

February 8, 1996
"Masculinity and Historical Modernism" 
Bonnie Smith
History, Rutgers

March 21, 1996
"A Just Alliance: Rethinking Kant for Feminism" 
Drucilla Cornell
Law School, Rutgers-Newark, Political Science, Rutgers

April 18, 1996
"Feminism and Minority Discourse in Postcolonial Literatures"
Sara Suleri Goodyear
English, Yale

 Gender, Agency, Change


October 30, 1997
"Between Past and Future: Mestiza Consciousness in the Americas" 
Norma Alarcon, Ethnic/Chicano Studies and Women's Studies, UC Berkeley

November 20, 1997
"Justice as Parity of Participation: A Feminist Account"
Nancy Fraser, Political Science, New School for Social Research

February 12, 1998
"In India: Women, Citizenship, and the Crisis of the State" 
Rajeswari Sunder Rajan, Nehru Memorial Museum, New Delhi, English, George Washington University

March 5, 1998
"Black Women's Sexuality and the Politics of Silence" 
Tricia Rose, History and Africana Studies, New York University

March 26, 1998
"Black Women Writers, Sifting Legacies" 
Cheryl A. Wall, English, Rutgers

April 30, 1998
"Identity Practices: German Jewish Immigrants in New York City, 1933-1945" 
Judith M. Gerson, Sociology and Women's Studies, Rutgers

Feminisms Beyond the Binary: Local/Global, Theory/Practice


"How Lesbian Theory is Avant-Garde" 
Catharine R. Stimpson
English, Rutgers


"'Women's Rights are Human Rights': Discourse of Universality and Particularity" 
Charlotte Bunch
Center for Women's Global Leadership and Urban Studies, Bloustein School, Rutgers


"Hustling for Dollars: Sex Tourism in Cuba" 
Coco Fusco
Tyler School of the Arts, Temple University


"Stories of O(Dessa): Stories of Complicity and Resistance" 
Mae G. Henderson
English, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


"Stealth Bombers of Desire: Gender Politics in Contemporary Taiwan" 
Cindy Patton
Humanities and Women's Studies, Emory University


"Who's to Navigate and Who's to Steer: The Role of Theory in Feminist Struggle" 
Cheryl Johnson-Odim
History, Loyola University


 Action and Knowledge in the Public Sphere


Dorothy Q. Thomas
Human Rights Watch

Mary Hawkesworth
Center of the American Women and Politics, Women's & Gender Studies and Political Science, Rutgers

Joan Scott
Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

Peggy Phelan
Performance Studies, NYU

Mia Bay
History, Rutgers

Charlotte Furth
History, University of Southern California
"Language, Gender and the Body of Chinese Medical Tradition" 


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