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Academic journals and conferences are venues for specialist works by and for experts, engaging scholars in the ongoing quest to produce knowledge. But much of the research we do, if framed more broadly and written more engagingly, can appeal to audiences beyond the academy. In this session we consider how “crossover” academic books can engage general readers, and we offer a series of general tips on writing and publishing such books.  


  • Angelique Haugerud (session co-organizer), Professor of Anthropology, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Seth Koven, Professor of History, School of Arts and Sciences 
  • Arlene Stein (session co-organizer), Professor of Sociology, School of Arts and Sciences 
  • Wendy Strothman, Wendy Strothman Agency 
  • Marlie Wasserman (session co-organizer) , Director, Rutgers University Press 

Time and location

Friday, March 4, 2016
2pm - 4pm


Alexander Library
Teleconference Lecture Hall (Floor 4)

169 College Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Visitor parking
Lot 26
Lot 30
College Avenue Deck

Video and coverage

You can access the recording of this event by clicking here.