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Would you like to learn how to organize a campaign to improve your community or influence public policy? Benn Marine, a veteran organizer of LGBTQ and other progressive campaigns will be offering a nuts-and-bolts workshop for interested students. He will share his insights about how people can join together and make a difference in their community.


  • Benn Marine. Benn has worked for marriage equality in Maine, Rhode Island, Oregon, New Jersey, and Indiana, and on non-discrimination campaigns in Utah and Idaho. He has organized to give voters more voice in elections, pass background checks on firearm sales, and for universal single payer healthcare. He is on the board of Maine Trans Net, which offers peer support for transgender people and their loved ones.

Time and location:

Thursday, October, 19, 2017
12:30pm - 2:00 pm

199 College Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ08901

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