Communities Research & Action


IRW Seminar Fellows:

Thea Renda Abu El-Haj, Graduate School of Education
"Gender, Citizenship Education and Community Activism:Lessons from an Arab American Community Arts Organization"

Nikol Alexander-Floyd, Women’s & Gender Studies
"Framing Condi(licious): Condoleezza Rice and the Rhetoric of 'Closeness' in U.S. National Community Formation"

Agatha Beins, Women’s & Gender Studies
"Sister Rise Up: Feminist Periodicals and the Production of Feminist Identities and Communities"

Ulla Berg, Latino & Hispanic Caribbean Studies
"In Defense of Community? Long Distance Localism and  Transnational Political Engagement Between the US and the Peruvian Andes"

Patrick J. Carr, Sociology
" 'Where You Can Go Wrong Here . . .': A Narrative Analysis of the Experiences of Young Women Growing Up in Three High-Crime Philadelphia Communities"

Edgar Rivera Colón, Anthropology
"Love in the House of Gotham: An Ethnographic Study of the NYC Ball Community"

Beth Hutchison (Women's & Gender Studies and Institute for Research on Women)
"Gendered Patterns of Blood Donorship: Blood Sisters in 1980s San Diego and Seattle"

Abigail Lewis, History and Institute for Research on Women
"'There Are No Second-Class Children of God': The Racial and Religious Inclusiveness Campaigns of the YWCA"

Laurie Marhoefer, History
"Ideas of Race and Empire in Community Formation and Homosexual Activism in Germany, 1918-1933"

Judy L. Postmus, School of Social Work
"Identifying a New Strategy for Partnering with Survivors of Victimization"      

Joanna Regulska, Women’s & Gender Studies/Geography
"Forced Migrants: Women Constructing Their Support Communities in Post-Conflict Situations in Georgia"

Ariella Rotramel, Women’s & Gender Studies
" 'Pushed to the Other Side': Contemporary Migrant Community Histories"   

Debarati Sen, Anthropology
"From Illegal to Organic: Fair Trade Organic Tea Production and Women’s Community Activism in Darjeeling, India"

Heidi J. Swarts, Political Science, Newark
"Comparing Leadership and Political Skills Development Among Women Community Organizers and Leaders"

Mary Trigg, Institute for Women’s Leadership
"My Community Is All Around Me: How Mothers Who Are Professionals Define and Experience Community and Place"                                                       

IRW Visiting Scholars:

Imelda Martín Junquera
Universidad de Léon, Spain
"Activism and Environmental Ethics in Chicana & Native American Writers"

Wanda Nowicka
Federation for Women & Family Planning, Poland
"Examining Reproductive Rights Activism with Special Focus on Central and Eastern Europe"

Carolina Núñez Puente
Universidad de la Coruña, Spain
"Gender, Ethnicity and Difference in (US) American Literature"

Paula Pinto
York University, Canada
"Why Should We Care?: Bridging Feminist and Disability Studies Perspectives on Communities of Care"



Dorothy Hodgson
Anthropology; Director, Institute for Research on Women

Beth Hutchison
Associate Director, Institute for Research on Women