Seminar Fellows

2004-2005 Seminar Fellows

Readings Diversity: Expanding Theory and Practice

Winnifred Brown-Glaude
Institute for Women’s Leadership
“Woman Outa Road” Race/Color, Class and Women’s Informal Work in Jamaica

Jacqueline Castledine
Gendering Diaspora Politics

Mary Gatta
Center for Women and Work, School of Management & Labor Relations
Rethinking U.S. Workforce Development Policy: Promoting Flexible Access to Education and Skills Training for Single Working Poor Mothers

Tanya Hernandez
Newark Law School
The Salience of Intersectionality Theory Analysis for Women of All Colors

Kimberly DaCosta Holton
Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures, Newark
Performance and Conflict in Portuguese-Speaking Newark

Jennifer Manion
The Sexing of Prison Reform and Compulsory Heterosexuality in Early Pennsylvania, 1776-1835

Nia Parson
The Gendered Intersections of Domestic Violence, State Violence and Transition to Democracy in Santiago, Chile

Ana Y. Ramos-Zayas
Anthropology/Puerto Rican and Hispanic Caribbean Studies
Performances of Blackness, De-Centering of Whiteness?

Edward Ramsamy
Africana Studies
Gender and the Politics of Identity in the ‘New’ South Africa

Patricia Roos
Gender Equity in the Academy

Beth C. Rubin
Graduate School of Education
Race, Class & Ability: Constructing Difference Across Varied School Contexts

Jennifer Schenk
Political Science
Descriptive Representation and Gendered Claims to Power

Anna Stubblefield
Philosophy, Newark
The Chimera of Race and Cognitive Ability


Visiting Scholars 2004-2005

Jo H. Kim
Women’s Studies, Wellesley College
Constructing Differences in a Transnational Workplace

Yong-Hyun Kwon
Ministry of Gender Equality, Seoul, Korea
Policy Coordination Division
A Comparative Study on Anti-Sexual Harassment Policies of Korea and the United States

Susan Smith-Peter
History, College of Staten Island/CUNY
Educating Peasant Women in Mid-Nineteenth Century Russia

Aissata Niandou
Fulbright Scholar; Director of Higher Studies, Ministere des Enseignements Secondaire et Superieur, de la Recherche et de la Technologie, Niger
Uncelebrated Feminine Creativity: The Subversive Art of Hausa and Zarma Women


Visiting Faculty Fellows 2004-2005

Minkah Makalani
The New Negro Movement

Donna Murch
The Black Power Movement



Nancy Hewitt, Director, IRW

History, Women's & Gender Studies