The following is a directory (by last name) for navigating the "Who's Been at the IRW" web project. It is a compilation of information and weblinks about our past visiting scholars, fellow and other contributors and their subsequent publications as well as their projects during their terms at Rutgers.


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Simone James Alexander (at IRW 2005-2006)

Assistant Professor, African American Studies, Seton Hall University


Kiran Asher (IRW Rockefeller Fellow 2000-2001)

Assistant Professor of International Development and Social Change, Clark University


  • "Texts in Context: Afro-Colombian Women's Activism in the Pacific Lowlands of Colombia." Feminist Review  vol.78: 1-18. (2004).
  • "Engenderando desenvolvimento e ethnicidade nas terras baixas do Pacifico colombiano" (Engendering Development and Ethnicity in the Pacific Lowlands of Colombia). Revista Estudos Feministas 12(1): 15-45. [Engendering development and ethnicity in the Pacific lowlands of Colombia. Rev. Estud. Fem. [online]. Jan./Apr. 2004, vol.12, no.1 [cited 01 December 2004], p.15-45. (2004).
  • "Possibilities & Limits of Microfinance as a Development Strategy: A Conversation." (with Veena Sampathkumar). Critical Half: (Annual Journal of Women for Women International) 2 (1): 8-13. (2004).
  • "Ser y Tener: Black Women's Activism, Development, and Ethnicity in the Pacific Lowlands of Colombia." Feminist Studies, 33(1). (Spring 2007). 11-37.

Barbara Bair (IRW Rockefeller Fellow 1988-1989)


Ana Mariella Bacigalupo (IRW Rockefeller Fellow 1999-2000)

Associate Professor of Anthropology, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York


  • Shamans of the Foye Tree: Gender, Power, and Healing among the Chilean Mapuche. University of Texas Press. (2007).
  • La Voz del Kultrun en la Modernidad: Tradición y Cambio en La Terapéutica de Siete Machi Mapuche. Santiago, Chile: Editorial Universidad Católica de Chile. (2001). 271.
  • "The Creation of a Mapuche Sorcerer: Sexual Ambivalence, the Commodification of Knowledge, and the Coveting of Wealth." Journal of Anthropological Research 61(3). (2005). 317-336.
  • "Gendered Rituals for Cosmic Order: Mapuche Shamanic Struggles for Healing and Fertility" Journal of Ritual Studies 19(2). (2005).
  • “Shamans’ Pragmatic Gendered Negotiations with Mapuche Resistance Movements and Chilean Political Authorities.” Identities: Visiting Studies in Culture and Power. Vol 11(4). (2004). 1-41.
  • "The Mapuche Man Who Became a Woman Shaman: Selfhood, Gender Transgression, and Competing Cultural Norms." American Ethnologist 31(3). (2004). 440-457.
  • "Ritual Gendered Relationships: Kinship, Marriage, Mastery, and Machi Modes of Personhood." Journal of Anthropological Research 60(2). (2004). 203-229.
  • "The Struggle for Machi Masculinities: Colonial Politics of Gender, Sexuality and Power in Chile." Ethnohistory Vol 51(3). (2004). 489-533.
  • "Rethinking Identity and Feminism: Contributions of Mapuche Women and Machi From Southern Chile." Hypatia 18(2). (2003). 32-57.
  • "The Rise of the Mapuche Moon Priestess in Southern Chile." Annual Review of Women in World Religions. 6. (2001). 208-259.

Marla Brettschneider (at IRW 2003-2004)

Professor of Political Science & Women's Studies,Coordinator of Queer Studies, University of New Hampshire, Durham


  • The Family Flamboyant: Race Politics, Queer Families, Jewish Lives. SUNY Press, Feminist Theory and Criticism Series. (2006).
  • “To Race, to Class, to Queer: Jewish Contributions to Feminist Theory.” Dianna Taylor and Deborah Orr, eds.  Identity and Differences. (2001 reissuing). 
  • Bat-Ami Bar On and Lisa Tessman, eds. Jewish Locations: Traversing Racialized Landscapes.  Rowman and Littlefield. (2001).
  • “Jewish Views in the 20th/21st Century U.S.” From Plato to Paglia: Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of  Sex. Alan Soble, ed. Greenwood Press. (2005). 533-542.
  • “Questing For Heart in a Heartless World: On the Question of Same Sex Marriage.” The Good Society (PEGS). (2005). 7-10.
  • Co-authored with Dawn Robinson Rose. “Engaging Jewish Feminist Diversity Issues: Seven Concepts and Several Questions.” NASHIM: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies and Gender Issues. 8. (2004). 180-188.

Margaret A. Carr (at IRW 1997-1999)

Psychotherapist, Princeton


Averil Clarke (at IRW 2002-2003)

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Yale University


  • In Search of an Aphrodisiac: Putting the Romance into Models of Marriage. Yale Journal of Sociology, Fall. 4. (2004). 43-72.
  • Review, "Race Mixing: Black-White Marriage in Postwar America, by Renee C. Romano." Contemporary Sociology. (2003).

Jinsook Doo (at IRW 2000-2001)

English, Sookmyung Women's University, Seoul, Korea


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Christina Ewig (at IRW 2001-2002)

Assistant Professor of Women's Studies and Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Gunlög Fur (at IRW 2001-2002)

Associate Professor, School of Humanities, Växjö University, Sweden


  • "'Some Women are Wiser than Some Men': Gender and Native American History," Clearing a Path: Theorizing the Past in Native American Studies. Nancy Shoemaker (ed). Routledge. (2002). 75-103.
  • "The Struggle for Civilised Marriages in Early Modern Sweden and Colonial North America." Collisions of Cultures and Identities: Settlers and Indigenous Peoples. Patricia Grimshaw and Russell McGregor (eds.). Melbourne: RMIT Publishing. (2006). 40-63.
  • "Historiska marginaler – Genusforskarens arbetsfält?." Berättelser om och Från en annan Världed. Kerstin Sandell and Diana Mulinari (eds.). Atlas Förlag. 2006.
  • "Reading Margins: Colonial Encounters in Sapmi and Lenapehoking in the 17th and 18th centuries." Feminist Studies, Fall. (2006).
  • A Nation of Women: Delaware Encounters with European Colonists. University of Pennsylvania Press. (Forthcoming). 
  • "Weibe-Town and the Delawares-as-Women. Same-Sex Relations and Gender Crossing 18th Century Indian Culture." Long Before Stonewall: Histories of Same-Sex Sexuality in Early America.Thomas A. Foster (ed.). New York University Press. (2007).

Bishnupriya Ghosh (IRW Rockefeller Fellow 1998-1999)

Associate Professor of English, University of California-Davis


Roberta Gold (at IRW 2004-2005)

History, University of Washington


Robin Adele Greeley (IRW Rockefeller Fellow 1999-2000)

Associate Professor of Art History, University of Connecticut, Storrs


Kathryn Hansen (at IRW 1998-2000)

Professor and Director for the Center and Department of Asian Studies, The University of Texas, Austin


  • A Wilderness of Possibilities: Urdu Studies in Transnational Perspective. Kathryn Hansen and David Lelyveld (eds.). Oxford University Press. (2005).

Mae Henderson (IRW Rockefeller Fellow 1986-1987)


  • Borders, Boundaries, and Frames: Essays in Cultural Criticism and Cultural Studies. Routledge Press. (1995).
  • Critical Introductions: "Critical Foreword" and Notes, Nella Larsen's Passing. Modern Library. (2002).
  • Introduction, Gayl Jones, White Rat. Northeastern University Press. (1991).
  • Introduction, "Rethinking Black (Cultural) Studies" Callaloo, Winter, 19(1). (1996).
  • "Josephine Baker and La Revue Negre: From Ethnography to Performance." Text and Performance Quarterly, Spring 23(2). (2003).
  • "Cuba's Intellectual Blockade," Black Issues in Higher Education, 18(19). (November 8, 2001).
  • "For Which It Stands," Callaloo, 24(1). (Winter, 2001).
  • "James Baldwin: Expatriation, Homosexual Panic, and Man's Estate," Callaloo, 23(1). (Winter, 2000).

Deborah Hertz (at IRW 2003-2004)

Wouk Chair in Modern Jewish Studies, Department of History, University of California, San Diego


Leslie Heywood (at IRW 2003-2004)

Professor, Department of English, Binghamton University


  • The Women's Movement Today: An Encyclopedia of Third-Wave Feminism [Two Volumes]. Greenwood Publishing Group. (2005).
  • The Proving Grounds. Red Hen Press. (2005).
  • "Producing Girls Empire, Sport, and the Neoliberal Body." Physical Culture, Power, and the Body. Patricia Vertinsky and Jennifer Hargreaves (eds.). Routledge. (2006).
  • "The Individual’s Ghost: Toward a New Mythology of the Postmodern." American Mythologies: Essays on Contemporary Literature. William Blazek and Michael K. Glenday (eds.). Liverpool University Press. (2005). 79-104.

Maggie Humm (at IRW 1997-1998)

Professor and Research Leader, School of Social Sciences, Media and Cultural Studies, University of East London


  • Feminism and Film. Indiana University Press. (1997).
  • Modernist Women and Visual Cultures: Virginia Woolf, Vanessa Bell, Photography and Cinema. Rutgers University Press. (2003).
  • Snapshots of Bloomsbury: The Private Lives of Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell. Rutgers University Press. (2005). 
  • "'Madchen Without Uniforms: Contemporary Feminist Theories/Praxis." Feminist Theory, 2 (1). (April, 2001). 108-111.
  • "Visual Modernism: Virginia Woolf's 'Portraits' and Photography." Woolf Studies Annual, 8. (2002). 90-104.
  • "Discovering Virginia." Virginia Woolf Bulletin, 13. (May 2002).
  • "Memory, Photography and Modernism: 'the dead bodies and ruined houses' of Virginia Woolf's Three Guineas." Signs, 28(2). (Winter 2003).
  • "Into the Millennium: Feminist Literary Criticism." Revista Canario de Estudios Ingleses, Special Issue, 48. (2004). 45-60.
  • "The Stephen Sisters as Young Photographers." Canvas. (April 15 2006). 1-7.
  • "Beauty and Woolf." Feminist Theory, 7(2). (2006). 237-254.

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Shuchi Kapila (at IRW 2000-2001)

Assistant Professor of English, Grinnell


  • "Bibis and Begums: Company Affairs in Colonial India." MLA Conference, San Diego, Dec 28, 2003.
  • "'I am a budmash. All governments put me in jail': the secular outlaw in the fiction of Khushwant Singh and Saadat Hasan Manto." "Siting Secularism," Oberlin College, April 19-21, 2002.
  • "Disrupting Genealogies: Sealy's Trotter-nama and the critique of Focault," INCS, George Mason University, April 11-14, 2002.
  • "The Gender of Good Rule: Queen Victoria and the Royal Widows," The Victorian World: 
  • "Britain, the Empire, and the United States in the 19 th Century," University of California, Los Angeles, October 25-27, 2001
  • "Indira, India, and the limits of biography," Conference on South Asia, University of Wisconsin-Madison, October 18-21, 2001.
  • "Pedagogy and Postcolonial Studies," Postcolonial Studies Symposium, Kenyon College, April 1, 2001 
  • Panel Discussant, "Speaking in Public: Narratives of Shame and Honor among Women in South Asia," South Asian Women's Conference, Los Angeles, May 6-7, 2000.
  • "Suicide in Partition Literature: The Fiction of Khushwant Singh and Saadat Hasan Manto," Narrative, Atlanta, April 6-9, 2000.
  • "Desperately Seeking Sufiya: The Question of Genre in Rushdie's Shame," 9th Postcolonial and Commonwealth Studies Conference, Feb 24-26, 2000.

Caroline Keating (at IRW 2003-2004)

Professor of Psychology, Colgate University


  • "Gender-Biased Perceptions of Preschoolers' Behavior: How Much is Aggression and Prosocial Behavior in the Eye of the Beholder?" Ostrov, Jamie M., Nicki R. Crick, and Caroline F. Keating. Sex Roles, 52 (2005).

Eun Kyung Kim (at IRW 2002-2003)

Yonsei University, South Korea


Jo H. Kim (at IRW 2004-2005)

Women’s Studies, Wellesley College


Yong-Hyun Kwon (at IRW 2003-2005)

Policy Coordination Division, Ministry of Gender Equality; Seoul, Korea


Eléonore Lépinard (at IRW 2003-2004)

Sociology; Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris)/Fulbright Fellow


  • "The Contentious Subject of Feminism: Defining Women in France From the Second Wave to Parity." Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 32. (2007). 375-403. 
  • "Identity Without Politics: Framing the Parity Laws and Their Implementation in French Local Politics." Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State and Society, 13(1). (2006). 30-58.

Bozena Leven (at IRW 2005-2006)

Professor of Economics and Program Coordinator for International Business, The College of New Jersey


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Imelda Martín-Junquera (at IRW 2001-2002, 2007-2008 )

Modern Languages, Universidad de León, Spain


Neloufer de Mel (at IRW 1998-1999)

Senior Lecturer, Department of English, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka


Negar Mottahedeh (IRW Rockefeller Fellow 2000-2001)

Assistant Professor of Literature, Duke University


  • "Female Body as Metaphor." Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures. (2005). (2 encyclopedia entries)
  • "The New Iranian Cinema." Traditions in World Cinema. L. Badley, S. Schneider and R.B. Palmer (eds.). Rutgers University Press. (2006).
  • "Christine Jeff's Rain: Universality and Narrative Displacement in Cinema." World Order Magazine, 35(1). (Spring 2004).
  • "After Images of a Revolution: On the Work of Shirin Neshat and Gita Hashemi." Radical History Review, 86. (Spring, 2003). 183-190.
  • "Karbala Drag Kings and Queens." The Drama Review. (2003). 

Aissata Niandou (at IRW 2004-2005)

IRW Fulbright Scholar; Director of Higher Studies, Ministère des Enseignements Secondaire et Supérieur, de la Recherche et de lat Technologie, Niger


Felicity Nussbaum (IRW Rockefeller Fellow 1986-1987)

Professor of English, UCLA


Veena Talwar Oldenburg (IRW Rockefeller Fellow 1987-1988)

Professor of History, Baruch College and CUNY Graduate Center


Susan Oommen (at IRW 2000-2001)

English, Stella Maris College, Chennai, India


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Catherine Raissiguier (at IRW 2005-2006)

Women’s and Gender Studies, New Jersey City University


Renée Römkens (at IRW 2001-2002)

Social Sciences, Utrecht University, Nehterlands and Visiting Professor, Columbia University


Fatima Sadiqi (at IRW 2005-2006)

Professor of Linguistics and Gender Studies in the Department of English, Fes University, Morocco and Visiting Professor of Women's Studies and Islamic Religious Studies, Harverd University


  • Women Writing Africa: The Northern Region, Volume IV. Feminist Press. (2007).
  • "Morocco’s Veiled Feminists." Project Syndicate. (2006).
  • "The Impact of Islamization on Moroccan Feminisms." Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 32. (2006). 32-34.

Nandita Prasad Sahai (at IRW 2003-2004)

History, University of Delhi, Hindu College/AAUW Fellow


"Crafts and Statecraft in Eighteenth Century Jodhpur." Modern Asian Studies. (2007).

Politics Of Patronage And Protest: The State, Society, and Artisans in Early Modern Rajasthan. Oxford University Press. (2006).

"Artisans, the State, and the Politics of Wajabi in Eighteenth-Century Jodhpur." Indian Economic Social History Review. (2005). 41-68. 

Londa Schiebinger (IRW Rockefeller Fellow 1988-1989)

The John L. Hinds Professor of History of Science, Stanford University


Lynne Segal (at IRW 1997-1998)

Professor of Psychology and Gender Studies, Birkbeck College of London


  • Making Trouble: Life & Politics. Serpent’s Tail. (2001, 2007).
  • Why Feminism? Gender, Psychology, Politics. Polity Press: Columbia University Press. (1999).
  • "Forever Young: Medusa's Curse and the Discourses of Aging." Women: A Cultural Review, 1(2). (2007).
  • "The Hidden Powers of Injury." New Formations, 55. (2005).
  • "Formations of Feminism: Memoirs of Left." Radical Philosophy, 123(1). (2004).
  • "New battlegrounds: Genetic maps & sexual politics." B.M. Brooks-Gordon, L.R. Gelsthorpe, M.H. Johnson , & A. Bainham (Eds.). Sexual positions: Diversity and the Law. Hart Publishing. (2004).
  • "Lost Worlds: Memoirs of Left." Radical Philosophy, 121(1). (2003). 6-23
  • "Thinking Like A Man: The Cultures of Science." Women: A Cultural Review. (2003).
  • "Theoretical Afflictions: Rich White Folk Sing the Blues." New Formations. (2003).
  • "Jews in the Culture Wars." Radical Philosophy, 116. (2003).
  • "Psychoanalysis and Politics: Juliet Mitchell Then and Now." Studies in Gender & Sexuality, 2(4). (2001) 327-344.
  • "Forever Critical." Journal of Critical Psychology, 1(1). (2001) 79-84.
  • "Back to the Boys? Temptations of the Good Gender Theorist." Textual Practice, 15(12). (2001). 231-250.
  • "Beyond Gender Cliché: Women in Post-War England." A History of England: England 1945-2000. Felipe Fernanåndez -Armesto (Ed.). London: The Folio Society. (2001). 427-443.
  • British Feminism at the Millennium Feminist Locations: Visiting/ Local/Theory/Practice in the Twenty-First Century.Rutgers University Press. (2001). 37-59.
  • "Gender, Genes and Genetics: From Darwin to the Human Genome." Culture in Psychology. C. Squire (Ed.). Routledge. (2000). 31-45.
  • "Empowering Women Sexually." Women’s Health: An International Reader. J. Ussher (ed.). The British Psychological Society. (2000). 114-124.

Susan Smith-Peter (at IRW 2004-2005)

Assistant Professor of History, College of Staten Island/CUNY


Jung-Soon Shim (at IRW 1999-2000)

English, Soongsil University, Korea


  • Visitingization and Korean Theatre. Volume One. (2002). Volume Two. (2003).
  • "The Shaman and the Epic Theatre: the Nature of Han in the Korean Theatre" Cambridge University Press. (2004).
  • "Recasting the National Motherhood:Transactions ofWestern Feminisms in Korean Theatre." Theatre Research International, 29. (2004).143-154.
  • "Changing Visions of Koreanness in Oh Tae-Sok's Plays, Africa and Love with Foxes." Theatre Research International, 27. (2002). 28-36.
  • "The Metacultural Theater of Oh T'Ae-Sok: Five Plays From the Korean Avant-Garde." Asian Theatre Journal, 17(2). (2000). 292-293.

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Carole S. Vance (IRW Rockefeller Fellow 1987-1988)

Associate Research Scientist, Sociomedical Sciences, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University


  • "Social Construction Theory: Problems in the History of Sexuality." Plummer and Kenneth (eds.). Sexualities: Critical Assessments. London: Routledge. (2001). 356-371.
  • "Anthropology Rediscovers Sexuality: A Theoretical Comment." I. Grewal and C. Kaplan (eds.). Gender in a Transnational World. New York: McGraw Hill. (2001). 28-31
  • "Negotiating Sex and Gender in the Attorney General's Commission on Pornography." LaFont, Suzanne (eds.). Constructing Sexualities. New York: Prentice Hall. (2002).

Vasanthi Vijayakumar (at IRW 2000-2001)

History, Madras Christian College, India


  • "Gender Mainstreaming and Human Rights - Understanding and Locating Gender" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Studies Association. 2007.
  • "India" United Nations. UNESCO. Women's/Gender Studies in Asia-Pacific. (2004). 267-272.

Leah Vosko (at IRW 1998-1999)

Associate Professor of Political Science, School of Social Sciences, York University, Canada


  • Self-Employed Workers Organize: Law, Policy, and Unions (with Cynthia Cranford, Judy Fudge, and Eric Tucker), Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press. (2005).
  • Precarious Employment: Understanding Labour Market Insecurity in Canada (ed.). Montreal and Kingston : McGill-Queen's University Press. (2005).
  • Temporary Work: The Gendered Rise of a Precarious Employment Relationship (Studies in Comparative Political Economy and Public Policy). Toronto: University of Toronto Press. (2000).
  • Confronting the Norm: Gender and the International Regulation of Precarious Work. Ottawa: Law Commission of Canada. (2005).
  • "Gender, Precarious Work and the International Labour Code: The Ghost in the Closet" Fudge. Judy and Rosemary Owens (eds.)
  • Precarious Work, Women and the New Economy: The Challenge to Legal Norms. Oxford: Hart Publishing, (2006).
  • "Ontario 's Early Years Plan : One Province 's Response to the Mounting Crisis in Social Reproduction in Bezanson." Kate and Meg Luxton (eds.). Rethinking Social Reproduction. Montreal and Kingston : McGill-Queen's University Press, forthcoming.
  • Challenging the Market: The Struggle to Regulate Work and Income (ed. with Jim Stanford), Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press. (2004).
  • "Standard-Setting at the ILO: The Case of Precarious Employment." Hard Choices, Soft Law: Combining Trade, Environment, and Social Cohesion in Visiting Governance. John Kirton and Michael J. Trebilcock (eds.). New York : Ashgate. (2004).
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  • Studies in Political Economy: Developments in Feminism (ed. with Caroline Andrew, Pat Armstrong Hugh Armstrong and Wallace Clement). Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press. (2003).
  • "Gender Differentiation and the Standard/Non-Standard Employment Distinction in Canada, 1945 to the Present." Patterns and Processes of Social Differentiation: The Construction of Gender, Age, 'Race/Ethnicity' and Locality. Danielle Juteau (ed.). Toronto and Montreal : University of Toronto Press and University of Montreal Press. (2003).

Deborah Gray White (at IRW 1999-2000, 2007)

Board of Governors Professor of History, Rutgers University


Ara Wilson (IRW Rockefeller Fellow 1998-1999)

Associate Professor of Women's Studies Program and Cultural Anthropology and Director of the Study of Sexualities, Duke University


  • Sexual Latitudes: The Erotic Politics of Visitingization. A feminist analysis of how globalization shapes conditions for transnational sexual politics and practices. Forthcoming.
  • The Intimate Economies of Bangkok:Tomboys, Tycoons, and Avon Ladies in the Visiting City. Berkeley: University of California Press. (2004).
  • "Feminism in the Space of the World Social Forum." JIWS: Journal of International Women's Studies, 8(3). (April 2007).
  • "Queering Asia." Intersections, 14. (2006).
  • "Intra-Asian Circuits and the Problem of Visiting Queer." Conference Archives of the Sexualities, Genders & Rights in Asia 1st International Conference of Asian Queer Studies.
  • "Bangkok, the Bubble City." Wounded Cities: Destruction and Reconstruction in a Visitingized World. Jane Schneider and Ida Susser (eds.). Oxford: Berg Press, 2003. 203-226.
  • "The Transnational Geography of Sexual Rights." In Truth Claims: Representation and Human Rights. Mark Philip Bradley and Patrice Petro (eds.). New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2002. 253-265.

Zhang Xiao (at IRW 2002-2003)

Guizhou Social Science Academy, China


Masako Yuki (at IRW 2005-2006)

Cultural Studies, Kawamura Gakuen Women’s University, Tokyo, Japan


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