Modes of Knowledge and Action: Women in the Public Sphere II

Neloufer de Mel, Senior Lecturer, Department of English, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
"Gender, Nationalism, and Questions of Agency"
Women and the Nation's Narrative: Gender and Nationalism in Twentieth Century Sri Lanka ( Rowman and Littlefield 2002)

Kathryn Hansen, Professor, Director for the Center and Department of Asian Studies, The University of Texas, Austin
"Men's Bodies, Women's Parts: Gender Impersonation in South-Asian Theater and Cinema"

Leah Vosko, Associate Professor, Political Science, School of Social Sciences, York University, Canada
"No Jobs, Lots of Work: The Gendered Rise of the Temporary Employment Relationship in Canada"
Temporary Work: The Gendered Rise of a Precarious Employment Relationship (University of Toronto Press 2000)

Peggy Carr, Psychotherapist, Princeton
"Intersubjectivity: What is It?"