Fall 2008 IRW Learning Community Scholars and Final Projects





Top L-R: Rosanna Mootoo, Jessica Dunn, Kathryn Yoo, Tanya Nguyen, Alexandra Casser
Bottom L-R: Kelly Terranova, Angelina Bruno-Metzger, Michael Shawe

Angelina Bruno-Metzger & Tanya Nguyen, “Sex Trafficking: Modern Slavery or Sex Market?”

Alexandra Casser, “Go Out to Yourself: Queer Jewish Scholars' Textual Selves”

Jessica Dunn, “Death by Culture: Discrimination Against Sikhs in Post-9/11 US Culture and Rights”

Rosanna Mootoo, “Lifting the Veil: Analysis of the Veil as Political Vehicle in the United States”

Michael Shawe, “Is there Change If the Movement Has No Name?: The Political Consequences  for a Generation that Rejects the Feminist Label”

Kelly Terranova, “The Un-Dieted Truth: A Look into the Pro-Anorexia Culture”

Kathryn Yoo, “Victim or Monster?: Deconstruction of Women's Violence”




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