Past Workshops, Conferences and Special Events at the IRW 



Negotiating Basics for Women Entering the Academic Job Market
On November 30, 2012, the IRW sponsored its fifth annual workshop for graduate students designed to demistify the process of negotiating for an academic job, making participants aware of the kinds of resources and perks that could be asked for and how these vary by discipline.

Book Discussion with Professor Nayan Shah
On December 6, 2012, Disorientations, the IRW's working group, hosted a dicussion with Professor Nayan Shah (American Studies and Ethnicity, University of California) about his new book, Stranger Intimacy: Contesting Race, Sexuality and the Law in the North American West.

Trans Politics: Scholarship and Strategies for Social Change
On April 18-19, 2013, the IRW held a Spring Colloquium which brought together academics and activists for two days of discussions on topics ranging from criminalization to healthcare, and from employment non-discrimination to transnational transgender politics.


"The Welfare Queen, A One-Woman Show"
On September 21, 2011, the IRW sponsored a performance by Erica Lopez (Monster Girl Media), poignantly capturing the distress of a life that revolves around the welfare line. The perforamcne was held in conjunction with Ms. Lopez's distinguished lecture, "The Making of Monster Grils: Media Making and the Intersections of Art, Race, Class & Ethncity," on September 22. 

Negotiating Basics for Women Entering the Academic Job Market
On November 2, 2011, the IRW sponsored its fourth annual workshop for graduate students designed to demystify the process of negotiating for an academic job, making participants aware of the kinds of resources and perks that could be asked for and how these vary by discipline.

"Daughter of Cambodia: Genocide, Biopolitics, and the Cambodian/American Life Writing"
On March 1, 2012, Cathy Schlund-Vials (English and Asian American Studies, University of Connecticut) gave a talk that introduced the audience to the long-lasting effects of the Khmer Rouge’s genocide in Cambodia, as portrayed in Socheata Poeuv’s autobiographical film, New Year Baby (2006). The lecture was organized byDisorientations, the IRW's working group addressing how gender and sexuality shape developments in comparative race histories, visual and performative cultures, and transnationalism in the study of Asians in the Americas and the Diaspora.

IRW Book Party
On March 22, 2012 affiliates gathered to recognize and celebrate the recent publication of two anthologies that grew out of the IRW's programming: No Permanent Waves, ed. Nancy Hewitt (Rutgers University Press, 2010) and Gender and Culture at the Limit of Rights, ed. Dorothy L. Hodgson (University pf Pennsylvanie Press, 2011). Former IRW Directors Nancy Hewitt and Dorothy L. Hodson were joined by former IRW Director Dorothy Sue Cobble (History and Labor Studies) and Ousseina Alidou (AMESALL and Comparative Literature) to present the two anthologies and to talk about the role of the IRW in providing support for feminist research on campus. 

"Pinoy Posteriority" 
On april 5, 2012, Martin Joseph Ponce (English, Ohio State University) gave the second Disorientations public lecture, analyzing the politics of race, sexuality, and neocolonialism in two diasporic Filipino novels, Ricardo Ramos' Flipping (1998) and Han Ong's The Disinherited (2004). 

Amplify Your Success: An Undergraduate Professional Development Workshop
On April 9, 2012, the IRW a new professional development workshop designed for undergraduates contemplating the job market. The workshop featured presentations by Tina Knight from Rutgers Careet Services and Kayo Denda, Head of the Margery Somers Foster Center & Women's Studies Librarian. 


Negotiating Basics for Women Entering the Academic Job Market
On October 27, 2010, the IRW sponsored its third annual workshop for graduate students designed to demistify the process of negotiating for an academic job, making participants aware of the kinds of resources and perks that could be asked for and how these vary by discipline. 

The Glass Ceiling in the Ivory Tower: Gender and Promotion to Full Professor
On November 5, 2012 IRW sponsored a talk by eminent sociologist Dana Britton (Kansas State University, and Editor of Gender and Society) about the barriers to promotion confronting academic women.

Split Lines, Split Lives? Navigating Joint Faculty Appointments
On March 9, 2011, the IRW sponsored a new workshop for faculty exploring the challenges associated with joint appointments—from teaching and service to the tenure process—in an attempt to help faculty in such positions to thrive at Rutgers. See our best practices document from the event.

(Un)covering Grounds: Spatial Discourses in Dance
On April 22, 2011, the IRW sponsored a lecture/performance by AAUW Postdoctoral International Fellow and Global Scholar Claudia Brazzale in conjunction with the Department of Dance at Rutgers.

Feminist Fantasies: Future Directions for the Study of Gender and Sexuality
On May 12-14, 2011, the IRW sponsored a 3-day spring colloquium. Feminist Fantasies was originally envisioned as an excellent opportunity to explore current trends in research conducted in three main areas—feminism, gender and sexuality—by addressing the way in which these academic fields both intersect with and diverge from each other. It featured almost 60 presentations by Rutgers faculty, fellows, graduate and undergraduate students, and two keynote speakers: Dr. Cheryl Clarke, Dean of Students for Livingston Campus at Rutgers-New Brunswick, and Professor Heather Love from the University of Pennsylvania.


Negotiating Basics Workshop
On Friday, October 2, the IRW presented a panel discussion and workshop on negotiating strategies for scholars new to the academic job market, funded by an RU-FAIR grant from the NSF ADVANCE project of the Office for the Propmotion of Women in Science, Engineering and Mathematics.

Roundtable on Gender & Islam in Africa
On Wednesday, October 14, Rutgers professors Ousseina Alidou, Karima Bennoune, and Zakia Salime discussed issues related to gender and religion in Africa.

Graduate Student Forum on Feminist Scholarship
On March 5, 2010 the IRW held a Graduate Student Forum on Feminist Scholarship, in which, after an open invitation for proposals, 9 graduate students from six departments briefly presented their research to each other (and an audience of about 20 faculty and students) as part of three panels


Negotiating Basics for Women Entering the Academic Job Market
On October 8, 2008, the IRW partnered with the Office for the Promotion of Women in Science, Engineering and Mathematics to offer a panel and break-out discussions with Professors Diana Sanchez (Psychology), Nina Feffernan (Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources), Yolanda Martinez San Miguel (Comparative Literature and Latino & Hispanic Caribbean Studies) and Lisa Klein (Materials Science and Engineering). 

Gender, Ethnicity & Race: Global Perspectives
Rutgers faculty shared their work on the interplay of gender, ethnicity and race on October 10, 2008 in an event co-organized by the Institute for Research on Women and the Center for Race and Ethnicity to promote interdisciplinary exchange and intellectual collaborations. Almost two dozen faculty from Newark and New Brunswick Schools of Arts and Science, Business and Graduate School of Education presented their work.

A Conversation with Dr. Ayesha Imam
Working with Global Initiaties, the IRW created a special Conversation with Undergraduates featuring Muslim women's rights activist and scholar Dr. Ayesha Imam on Wednesday, October 22, 2008, the evening before Dr. Imam's IRW lecture. The event was designed especially for students interested in women's and human rights issues and eager to meet a leader in the field.

Symposium on The Culture of Rights/The Rights of Culture
A multidisciplinary group of scholars and scholar-activists from across the globe discussed and debated one another’s draft precirculated papers on the topic, with the intention of publishing most or all of the papers together as a special issue of a journal or edited collection.


IRW 30th Anniversary Reception and Colloquium
The IRW 30th anniversary celebration took place on Friday, April 11 at the Ruth Dill Johnson Crockett Building with a reception and display at the Douglass Library's Mabel Smith Douglass Room on Thursday, April 10. Former IRW directors, Rockefeller Resident Fellows in the Humanities, and affiliate members participated in panel discussions considering the past, present and future of interdisciplinary feminist research.  The panel topics and presenters may be reviewed on the schedule.  Photos of the exhibit and participants are also available.

The IRW's Pilot Learning Community
The IRW Learning Community provides opportunities for Rutgers juniors and seniors to meet with IRW-affiliated faculty and guest lecturers and engage them in conversations about the inspirations, challenges and outcomes of their work. In partnership with the Office of Undergraduate Education, the IRW hosted a meeting on Tuesday, May 13, to discuss how Rutgers research centers, bureaus, and institutes can create learning communities which build on the unique intellectual strengths of CBIs. 

Faculty Forum on Violence Against Women and Children
With the Center on Violence against Women & Children (VAWC) at the Rutgers School of Social Work, the IRW co-sponsored a faculty forum on Friday, May 9 to bring together faculty from diverse campuses, schools, disciplines and departments relating to violence against women and children.  The primary goal being to provide an informal environment that facilitated collaboration and flow of ideas among Rutgers faculty.


"How American Women Artists Invented Postmodernism, 1970-1975"
An exhibition at the Mason Gross School of the Arts Galleries that makes clear the impact of the ideas of the American Women’s Movement of the 1970s on contemporary art.

Annelisa Orleck
Lecture sponsored by Sociology and co-sponsored by IRW.

Francisca de Haan
IRW co-sponsors this lecture hosted by the Center for Comparative European Studies.

"Inventing Rights and Wrongs: Rulings, Reception, and the U.S. Supreme Court's Sexual Revolution, 1965-1973"
Lecture by Marc Stein, York University

"What's Queer about Queer Studies Now?"
Roundtable discussions hosted by Social Text, WGS Department, and IRW

Queer Matters in Africa: An Intellectual History
Talk with Marc Epprechet, Queen University, Ontario

Lisa Lowe, UC San Diego
Lecture, "The Intimacies of Four Continents"

Hurrican Katrina Teach-In
Presentations by Rutgers faculty and graduate students on the social, political, cultural, historical, geographic, climatic, health and public policy dimensions of the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Diasporic Black Radicalisms in the Twentieth Century
Fall symposium for the 2005-6 Black Atlantic/African Diaspora Seminar Series


No Permanent Waves
In May 2005, the IRW hosted a colloqium which explored alternate histories of the U.S. women's movement(s) while interrogating the uses and misuses of the "wave" trope.

Teaching and Practicing Diversity
The IRW hosted this workshop based on conversations prompted by the 2004-5 IRW Seminar, "Diversity: Expanding Theory and Practice." Seminar participants shared their knowledge and experience with teaching diversity in the classroom.


Labor, Class and Sexuality
The IRW presented a one-day conference in May 2004 on the intersections of labor, class and sexuality. The event was co-sponsored by International Labor and Working-Class History (ILWCH), the Departments of English, History, Labor Studies and Employment Relations, and Women's & Gender Studies, the Center for the Critical Analysis of Contemporary Culture, the Center for Historical Analysis, and the Labor Extension Program, Rutgers University.

African Women and HIV/AIDS: Gendered Experiences in Senegal, South Africa, and the Immigrant African Communities in Philadelphia
On March 24, 2004, in conjunction with the Department of Women's and Gender Studies, the IRW organized a colloquium on African Women's Health to discuss African women's experiences with HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence. 


Gender Parity and the Labor Movement with Danish Trade Union Women
25 Danish trade union women visited IRW and the Labor Education Center at Rutgers to discuss trends toward workplace gender parity and new union organizing strategies targeted at women. 

Immigrant Women Organizing: Avenues for Collective Advancement
In June 2003, IRW director Dorothy Sue Cobble and History and Women's and Gender Studies professor Nancy Hewitt co-convened an afternoon symposium on the history, prospects and strategies describing immigrant women's collective organizing efforts.

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