IRW Teaching Diversity Workshop
April 12, 2005

Association of American Colleges and Universities
Provides a list of AAC&U diversity initiatives and publications. http://www.aacu.org/issues/diversity/index.cfm

Diversity Web
Section titled Diversity Innovations has an extensive list of other web resources and publications committed to integrating diversity into the academy through teaching and faculty initiatives. Includes:
Diversity Innovations http://www.diversityweb.org/diversity_innovations/institutional_leadership/index.cfm
Curriculum Change. Links to resources, models, and curriculum implemented by state and private institutions of higher learning.
Institutional Leadership.
Faculty/Staff Development.
Student Development.

Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT), University of Michigan
Includes brief summaries and bibliographies of chapters from the journal, New Directions in Teaching and Learning.
"Promoting Diversity in the Classroom." Maurianne Adams, Editor. 1992, Volume 52.
This bibliography lists articles that encourage instructors to become conscious of their own identity development and bias to improve their teacher-student interactions in the classroom. Several lessons learned are shared, as well as curricular solutions.
"Teaching for Diversity." Laura L.B. Border and Nancy Van Note Chism, Editors.
1992, Volume 49.
This bibliography lists articles on topics ranging from the implications of diverse learning styles for instructional design to an ethnographic approach to the feminist classroom.

Vanderbilt Center for Teaching http://www.vanderbilt.edu/cft/resources/gleanings/diversity.htm#biblio
Extremely useful website that serves as a central location for diversity curriculum initiatives ongoing at other universities, articles regarding teaching diversity, links to bibliographies and journals for further research and resources, etc.

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