Gender, Agency, Change

October 30, 1997
"Between Past and Future: Mestiza Consciousness in the Americas" 
Norma Alarcon, Ethnic/Chicano Studies and Women's Studies, UC Berkeley


November 20, 1997
"Justice as Parity of Participation: A Feminist Account"
Nancy Fraser, Political Science, New School for Social Research


February 12, 1998
"In India: Women, Citizenship, and the Crisis of the State" 
Rajeswari Sunder Rajan, Nehru Memorial Museum, New Delhi, English, George Washington University


March 5, 1998
"Black Women's Sexuality and the Politics of Silence" 
Tricia Rose, History and Africana Studies, New York University


March 26, 1998
"Black Women Writers, Sifting Legacies" 
Cheryl A. Wall, English, Rutgers


April 30, 1998
"Identity Practices: German Jewish immigrants in New York City, 1933-1945"

Judith M. Gerson, Sociology and Women's Studies, Rutgers