"The Making of Brothers"


Dmitry Borshch


The Making of Brothers by Dmitry Borshch
"The Making of Brothers." 2016, ink on paper, 37 x 42 inches.
© Dmitry Borshch. Courtesy of the artist. Click to enlarge.


Artist Statement

"'The Making of Brothers' was included in the exhibition called 'Denial of Family Values, Gay and Anti-gay Propaganda in Russia.' This exhibition was created in America but premiered in Russia a year after the passage of what many know as [the] 'gay propaganda law,' the bill unanimously approved by the State Duma (with one abstention) and signed into law by President Putin in June 2013. We contacted five galleries and several cultural centers, not just in Moscow, but none of them agreed to mount our exhibition because of the new law and broad anti-gay, anti-trans sentiment in the country. As [happened] thirty years ago in Dnepropetrovsk, when I organized apartment exhibitions because only Socialist Realist art could be officially exhibited, we rented a three-bedroom apartment on Moscow's Budyonny Prospekt, mounted the exhibition, and invited only those who were sympathetic to or could tolerate our views on gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans rights, would not report us to the police . . .  or . . .  damage the pictures." More.


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