Artistic Practice and Other Rituals as Queer Becoming and Beyond


Baevy - Queer Nativity Scene
Queer Nativity Scene
© BAEVY. Courtesy of the artist.
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Jocelyn E. Marshall Introduction

BAEVY Off My Meds!, Happy Birthday!, and Queer Nativity Scene

Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle Ecosex Wedding Project 2008-2014

Carisa Showden and María DeGuzmán The Extra Sensories, Metabolic Lights, Thought Transfer, Climate of Fatality, and Our Love Will Transcend

Laura Gelsomini The Silent Treatment, Miss Asphyxia, and Joke’s on You

Allison Fradkin Green with Enby

Dmitry Borshch Sign Bearer and Unchained from Lust

Tahmidal Zami and Debadrita Saha The Naṣṭā Woman: Women’s Agency in 18th-Century Bengali Erotica - Naṣṭāmo kathā ebang strīloker barnanā (1785)

Liss LeFleur and Katherine Sobering The Queer Birth Project and They Can’t Steal My Joy

Gail Thacker Self-Portrait, Yuko at Gene Frankel Theatre, Katrina & Sara at Gene Frankel Theatre, and What’s Happening Woman?

Conrad Ventur Artistic (After)Care: Reflections on Queer Community and Collaboration

Christine DeVuono Grandma’s Tattoos: A Care Package

Kini Sosa Letter #1 - Return to Sender: Unable to Forward


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