Under The Influence


Lina Rincón




On the ground.

Gasping for air, crossing eyes, erratic motions.

His face turned gray.

She shared her lungs, wasn’t quite working...!

Call 911! Resuscitate.

Citizens on a mission.


Under a potent poison.




Rapidly speaking en español,

He protested what's out there for him,

With his tight grasp, holding a blade,

threatened to cut his flesh.

No hago desorden!

He called upon his "out-of-it" comrade.


Floating in the numbing substances.


Isaiah (a.k.a. Isis)


With fluctuating eyelids, Isis nodded at Teófilo...

Chomping xyr chicken, drowsy, drifting away.

Toes clash with cans,

Loud train, consciousness regained.

Watch all the bags!


Hootch influence.


Under the influence of what?


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