"Erdoğan, Hand Studies"


Dmitry Borshch


Erdoğan, Hand Studies by Dmitry Borshch
"Erdoğan, Hand Studies." 2017, ink on paper and collage, 8 x 13 inches.
© Dmitry Borshch. Courtesy of the artist. Click twice to enlarge.


Artist Statement

This artwork is part of a series called "Turkish past, Ottoman present." It was featured in an Istanbul exhibit entitled "Turkey's New Sultan," for which the artist “had to revive the Soviet practice of apartment exhibitions. No gallery in Turkey that we contacted would agree to mount it, fearful of being prosecuted on charges of "insulting Turkishness" – Article 301, Turkish Penal Code. So . . . the curator of this exhibition found an apartment in south Istanbul where we showed fifteen drawings on the prime ministership of Erdoğan and invited sympathetic locals to visit." More.


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