Dmitry Borshch


Untitled by Dmitry Borshch
"Untitled." 2015, ink on paper and collage, 15 x 14 inches.
© Dmitry Borshch. Courtesy of the artist. Click to enlarge.


Artist Statement

This artwork belongs to a series called "Disasters of War in East Ukraine," about the continuing war in Donbass. “I traveled to Donetsk, Poltava, Kiev, Mariupol, and other places from Dnepropetrovsk, my place of birth. There in 2015 I began to research 'Disasters' through interviews with 'переселенцы,' persons resettled from ATO, the zone of [the] Ukrainian government’s 'anti-terrorist operation' . . . I wanted the series, whose title obviously refers to Goya’s 'Los desastres de la Guerra,' to be first exhibited in cities afflicted by the war." More.


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