"Universal Woman"


Shima Bhamra


Universal Woman by Shima Bhamra
"Universal Woman." 2018, Oil on Canvas, 30 x 30 inches.
© Shima Bhamra. Courtesy of the artist. Click twice to enlarge.


Artist Statement

My work is a direct reaction to political and social injustices especially in regards to women and people of color. These often manifest as images of strong women, women who are inclusive across a wide range of cultures and time periods. These are women that I never saw represented growing up in London, women who are not present in European art history.

I am drawn to a variety of two-dimensional mediums, primarily working with oil paints, watercolor, acrylic and printmaking. Across my mediums, I specifically employ a palette of bright colors in order to address the systematic whitewashing of people of color. My colors are a vibrant expression, an act of rebellion, a joyful celebration and a cry of frustration. My women are bright, they are meant to attract attention because after so many years of fighting my own battles with discrimination, I can not shout it loud enough.

My hope is that this body of work will inspire the kind of inclusivity that embraces individual identity.


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