Ecosex Wedding Project, 2008-2014


Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle


Ecosex Wedding Project Stephens and Sprinkle
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Vows for Marrying the Earth


Earth, we vow to become your lover.
with these steps, Let us reach your love.

Through our senses we will become your lover.

Everyday we promise to breathe in your fragrance.
And be opened by you.
Let us not be severed from your love.

Everyday we promise to enjoy your colors.
And be surprised.
Let us not be severed from your love. 

Everyday we promise to taste you
And be moved.
Let us not be severed from your love. 

Everyday, ears to the ground,
we listen, and are changed.

We promise to love you
until death brings us closer together forever. 

We are consecrated to you. Earth,
through this dirt
that we will become.





25 Ways to Make Love to the Earth


1. Tell the Earth, “I love you. I can’t live without you.”

2. At first you may feel embarrassed to be lovers with the Earth. Relax. Let it go. It’s OK.

3. Spend time with her.

4. Ask her what she likes, wants, and needs–then try to give it to her.

5. Massage the Earth with your feet.

6. Admire her views often.

7. Circulate erotic energy with him.

8. Smell her.

9. Taste her.

10. Touch all of her all over.

11. Hug and stoke his trees.

12. Talk dirty to her plants.

13. Swim naked in their waters.

14. Lay on top of her, or let her get on top of you.

15. Do a nude dance for her.

16. Sing to her.

17. Kiss and lick her.

18. Bury parts of your body deep inside his soil.

19. Plant your seeds in her.

20. Love her unconditionally even when she’s angry or cruel.

21. Keep them clean. Please recycle.

22. Work for peace. Bombs really hurt.

23. If you see her being abused, raped, or exploited, protect her as best you can.

25. Vow to love, honor, and cherish the Earth until death brings you closer together forever.




Brown Wedding 2014 Stephens and Sprinkle
Brown Wedding 2014
We married the Soil in Krems, Austria
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© Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle. Courtesy of the artists.


Artist Statement

In order to create a more mutual and sustainable relationship with nature, we orchestrated 21 large-scale ecosexual wedding performances over the course of 9 years in 9 countries. We, along with our guests/audiences, made wedding vows to various nature entities. Initially at the invitation of Linda M. Montano, our project used the structure of her 14 Years of Living Art, where we incorporated a new theme and color each year. We asked for no material gifts but invited people to collaborate with us on the creation of the weddings. To view more of our wedding documentation go to, and to see more of our collaborative work, visit


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