Exhibition locations: Alfa Art Gallery, Art Library, Rutgers—New Brunswick, Eagleton Institute Lawn, Heldrich Hotel, New Brunswick Public Library, and Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers.


Leonard Jefferson
Four untitled paintings

Ron Levine
Photographs from the Prisoners of Age Project
“José Tavera, 57”
“Leon Davis, 73”
“Tex Johnson, 60”
“Walker Smith, 76”
“Boyd Edward Whitely, 80”  
“Theda Rice, 77”
“Christine White, 52”

Kevin Veal
“Feelin’ the Music (Cassandra Wilson)”
“Trumpet Inferno (Miles Davis)”
“Black Essence”

Daniel Gwynn (courtesy of Ann Marie Kirk and Art for Justice)
“Jena Six.” Acrylic (2007)
“Where is Daddy?” Acrylic (2014)
“In Justice Denied.” Acrylic (2013)
Sarah Atlas
“Crossing” Screenprint on Paper (2014)
“Passage” Screenprint on Paper (2014)
“Closing” Screenprint on Paper (2014)

Art Courtesy of the William James Association, San Quentin Prison Arts Project
Work from Katya McCulloch’s Printmaking Class

Geno Washington “Son Warrior,” Linocut (2011)                            
M.P. Barr “First Cast,” Linocut (2008)                    
Gary Harrell “Rags to Riches, Linocut (2010)                        
Ronnie Goodman “San Quentin Blues,” Linocut (2007)
Felix Lucero “A Whole Rest,” Linocut (2009)
Rolf Kissmann “Becoming Obscure, Linocut (2010)
Brendan Murdock “Towers,” Linocut (2010)
Tan Tran “Untitled (Horseman with Red Chop)” Linocut (2010)
Greg Carter “Streetlamp Motif,” Linocut (2010)

Incarcerated Men and Women Making Art for a Cause (courtesy of Phyllis Kornfeld)
22 envelopes in sleeves

More than a Rap Sheet (courtesy of Family Crisis Services)
Photographs and associated poems
“I. Roberson”
“Melissa Savage”
“Lori Little”
“Angel Crocker”
“Kayla Russo”
“Becky Mcgilp”
Jesse Krimes
"55224-004." Federal Prison Bedsheet, Newspaper Image Gucci Transfer, Graphite (2012)
"08346-054." Federal Prison Bedsheet, Newspaper Image Beyonce Transfer, Graphite (2012)

Arnold Raimondo (courtesy of Judith Benjamin)
"Viet Nam in the Anlo Valley"

Gilberto Rivera
"An Institutional Nightmare." Federal Prison Dropcloth, Prison issued clothing, commissary list, BOP Forms, paint, and modeling paste (2012)


Jaso Nomo
"Bêtes Noire." Acrylic and prison sand on dropcloths (2012)

Russell Craig
"Erica’s Back." Pastel on Paper (2013)
"Sitting in the Yard." Pastel on Paper (2011)
"Self Portrait." Acrylic on cloth (2013)

Ojore Lutalo
"Caged in the USA"
"Welcome to Main Street"
"Breaking Men’s Minds"
"Social Control"
"Executive Orders"
"The American Nightmare"

Backdrop and Photographs (courtesy of David Adler)
Nicholas B., Backdrop from Stafford Creek Corrections Center, Aberdeen, Wash

Rickie Solinger
A panel from "Centerpiece"

Dean Gillespie


Mark Strandquist
Windows from Prison Banners (various sizes)


Prison Obscura (curated by Matthew Callinan and Pete Brook)
1 large Alyse Emdur framed print; 14 small Alyse Emdur prints. From the series Prison Landscapes
6 large Steve Davis prints; Approximately 80 small Steve Davis prints
18 Robert Gumpert prints from the series Take A Picture, Tell A Story
1 DVD loop of Proliferation by Paul Rucker
16 prints (8 diptychs) of Kristen Wilkins’ framed prints. From the series Supplication
Hundreds of loose sheets from the Brown v Plata lawsuit
1 projection of 700+ satellite images, on a loop, by Josh Begley from the series Prison Map
9 small prints on foam core with accompanying shelves and printed postcards from the series Some Other Places We Have Missed


Jaso Nomo
"Occulus." Acrylic and prison sand. (2014)
"Conundrum." Acrylic and prison sand.
"Matrices." Acrylic and prison sand. (2014)

Gilberto Rivera
"Tru Blu"
"Dance with Color"
Untitled (approx. 34 x 46)
Untitled (approx. 10 x 12)
Untitled (approx. 10 x 12)


Jesse Krimes





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