Feminisms Beyond the Binary: Local/Global, Theory/Practice

"How Lesbian Theory is Avant-Garde" 
Catharine R. Stimpson
English, Rutgers


"'Women's Rights are Human Rights': Discourse of Universality and Particularity" 
Charlotte Bunch
Center for Women's Global Leadership and Urban Studies, Bloustein School, Rutgers


"Hustling for Dollars: Sex Tourism in Cuba"
Coco Fusco
Tyler School of the Arts, Temple University


"Stories of O(Dessa): Stories of Complicity and Resistance"
Mae G. Henderson
English, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


"Stealth Bombers of Desire: Gender Politics in Contemporary Taiwan"
Cindy Patton
Humanities and Women's Studies, Emory University


"Who's to Navigate and Who's to Steer: The Role of Theory in Feminist Struggle"
Cheryl Johnson-Odim
History, Loyola University