Feminism Questions Modernity

September 28, 1995
"Bessie, Josephine, and Fredi: Representations of Black Women in Early Sound Film" 
Michele Wallace
English, CUNY


October 18, 1995
"The End of Sexual Difference?"
Judith Butler
Rhetoric, UC-Berkeley


November 30, 1995
"Beyond Gynocriticism and Gynesis: The New Geography of Identity and the Future of Feminist Criticism"
Susan Stanford Friedman
English, University of Wisconsin, Madison


February 8, 1996
"Masculinity and Historical Modernism" 
Bonnie Smith
History, Rutgers


March 21, 1996
"A Just Alliance: Rethinking Kant for Feminism" 
Drucilla Cornell
Law School, Rutgers-Newark, Political Science, Rutgers


April 18, 1996
"Feminism and Minority Discourse in Postcolonial Literatures"
Sara Suleri Goodyear
English, Yale