Thinking About Women

September 30, 1999
"Talking Leadership at Rutgers and in the World" 
Mary Hartman
Professor of Women's Studies and History, Rutgers, Director, Institute for Women's Leadership


"Mapping Transnational Women's Activism: Globalizing the Local, Localizing the Global" 
Amrita Basu
Professor of Political Science and Women's and Gender Studies, Amherst College


"X-Ray Architecture: Illness as Metaphor in the Modern House" 
Beatriz Colomina
History and Theory of Arcitecture, Princeton


January 27, 2000
"Personal and Political: Modern to Postmodern in the Second Wave" 
Marianne DeKoven
English, Rutgers


February 22, 2000
"Breast Milk is Sweet and Salty (a Choreography of Healing)"
Barbara Browning


March 23, 2000
"Embedding Change along New Pathways: Reproducing Radicalism in Prefigurative and Governmental Spaces" 
Davina Cooper
Law, Keele University, England