Communities: Research and Action

Whether geographical, figurative, virtual, or imagined, communities have long served as both sites of research and sites of activism for feminists. In the seminar, we will consider the principles, processes, politics and poetics of inclusion and exclusion through which communities are created and maintained; how studies of communities and community-based activism have shaped ideas about women, gender and sexuality and inspired broader campaigns for gender justice and social change; and whether, and if so how, communities matter any more in a world obsessed with the global and transnational, with mobility, markets, and the media?  The seminar will include fellows from Africana studies, anthropology, education, history, Latino studies, political science (Newark), social work, sociology, and women’s and gender studies, as well as IRW Visiting Scholars from Hungary, Poland, Canada, Morocco, and Spain.




Fall 2007 IRW Seminar Fellows: Patrick Carr (Sociology), Thea Abu El-Haj (Graduate School of Education), Wanda Nowicka (CWGL Global Associate and IRW Global Scholar), Abigail Lewis (History and IRW), Debarati Sen (Anthropology), Dorothy Hodgson (Anthropology and IRW), Ariella Rotramel (Women's & Gender Studies), Edgar Rivera Colón (Anthropology), Agatha Beins (Women's & Gender Studies), Paula Pinto (IRW Global Scholar), Beth Hutchison (IRW and Women's & Gender Studies), Carolina Núñez Puente (IRW Global Scholar), Susan Marchand, Mary Trigg (Institute for Women's Leadership and Women's & Gender Studies), Ulla Berg (Latino & Hispanic Caribbean Studies).  (Not pictured: Nikol Alexander-Floyd (Women's & Gender Studies), Laurie Marhoefer (History), Judy Postmus (School of Social Work), Joanna Regulska (Women's & Gender Studies and Geography), Heidi Swarts, Political Science-Newark)


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